Thursday, January 10, 2008

A good beginning leads to a good end.

Have you ever felt like this, when a day starts, that its going so good, nothing can go wrong? I had that feeling today after I was done talking to pranav and samrat. Wait, I gotta get out of these tight jeans... They're breaking my balls! ...AH! much better! I had been trying to get in touch with Pranav for about two days now, but either he jut didn't pick up the phone. (It was on silent he said...) So today, he signed into gtalk from his maya class. I didn't know he had internet access there too! And I feel kinda guilty for not calling up samrat after he emailed me his new phone number, but again, I don't think there's need for that anymore. We talked about taare zameen par and eventually ended up talking about school/junior college. It was so good. I wish this would happen every day!

My class wasn't till 3, so I made breakfast, eggs and bread with jam. Only one slice.... that was the last of it! Then started the laundry and got back to drawing eye expressions. I absolutely loved doing this. I was constantly going "I wish we did this in creative i college instead of drawing and rendering realistic people eyes." (I absolutely loathed almost all assignments back then.) Here are the scans of the pages I did. I still haven't gotten around to installing photoshop again after I had to format my computer, but I can scan using the epson utility and save as jpeg. I open it in preview and crop it. because previewing and cropping in the scanner utility will take a lot more time.

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